Miami tax attorney

Tax law is changing constantly, so it’s more important than ever to be informed by an attorney of these in the law. An expert tax law attorney will ensure you know where you are at par with the IRS and Florida. If somebody you know or you are experiencing difficulty with the IRS and the Florida Department of Revenue, this is the ideal opportunity to converse with an accomplished and caring Miami tax lawyer and settle all tax cases.

Our tax attorneys represent businesses and people in tax problems against the Florida Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service. We likewise meet with our clients and their other expert advisors and provide vital documents in regards to the tax aspects of business, including business developments, reorganizations, sales and acquisitions, international structuring, retirement plans, gift and estate planning, and other tax planning matters. We often prepare requests for private letter rulings and formal tax opinion letters dealing with complex problems of tax law.

IRS Tax Controversy and Litigation

If you have an issue with the IRS, you require the assistance of a professional tax lawyer. Get the assistance of an accomplished local Portland tax lawyer to guarantee that you don’t overpay to settle your IRS tax problem. Our law office is knowledgeable about taking care of these kinds of tax problems including tax debt settlements and collection actions, Failure to file taxes, IRS liens, estate and probate taxes, and IRS offers in compromise.

Our tax law lawyers are aware of the difficulty in handling the IRS all alone and we can offer assistance. We are acquainted with IRS tax collection laws and IRS tax regulations. We can help by taking care of all the conversations with the IRS on your behalf to enable you continue your life smoothly.

If you experience tax collection issue a tax law lawyer can as well represent you, and would love an offer in trade off or an installment agreement to pay your tax. Also a tax lawyer can stand in for you in a lot of tax problems like wrongful levy actions, in summons enforcement actions, the abatement of tax penalties, and in suits of false disclosure.

Answers to Your Tax Problems in Miami FL

We know that it can be a tough experience handling a tax issue, be it a payroll tax problem, Florida sales tax, or tax audit by the IRS. If the IRS or the Florida Department of Revenue with respect to a tax issue, you can depend on our Miami tax attorneys for proficient, customer centered resolutions to tax problems and tax issues.

Since tax law is our main focus, we are familiar with the nuances of ever-changing state and federal tax laws and regulations. We understand the complexity of tax issues and the seriousness of the potential implications, including criminal liability and severe penalties.